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Small Wind Farm Fund

Guidance Notes

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic crisis, completed applications along with supporting documents  should posted to or delivered to Community Council at 37A The Castle, New Cumnock

A sub committee of the New Cumnock Community Council administers the Small Wind Farm Fund.  The funds are made available by means of a block of funding from the New Cumnock Development Trust (NCDT).  NCDT receive funding from various sources including Community Benefit Payments from Windfarm Developers in the area.  Community Benefit Payments come with terms and conditions and NCDT are legally obliged to monitor and ensure these conditions are met.

There is no limit to project size however the maximum amount of funding an individual or group can apply for £1000 (*the SWFF committee have the discretion to award larger sums of money in exceptional circumstances).

If you are looking for funding over £1000 it is recommended that you speak to NCDT’s Development Officer as more suitable funding may be available from other sources.  NCDT can be contacted at 21 Castle, New Cumnock, KA18 4AN or Tel: 01290 338887.  Should the full amount of grant be unspent within 3 months of payment of grant, the residue must be returned to SWFF to comply with the conditions set by the donors.

The Aim of The Fund

To help finance projects that will benefit the people and community of New Cumnock Parish.

Eligibility Criteria

         Who Can?

1)     Applications will only be accepted from groups that meet in the parish of New Cumnock and can demonstrate significant benefit to the community.


2)     Applications from individuals will only be considered if said individual can show significant benefit to the community.  If successful, the grant can only be used for the purpose stated on the application and not for the sole benefit of the individual.


3)     If you are unsure as to you/your groups position with regards to developers, you are strongly advised to contact NCDT who will give you further advice on this matter prior to you submitting your application.


Who Cannot apply?


4)     Those wanting funding for any purpose that adversely affects or works against the interests of the Windfarm or the owner of the land on which the Windfarm is constructed or the Company or any of its subsidiary or related companies.


5)      Those wishing funding for any purpose that adversely affects or works against any form of renewable energy development


6)     Applications cannot be considered from commercial organisations, businesses or for deficit funding.


7)     Applications that are considered to be for personal gain e.g. upkeep/upgrading of private roads, buildings etc will not be allowed.


8)      Organisations requesting funding for any sectarian project or political project or any other project which would create divisiveness within the community


9)     Retrospective awards will not be considered, other than which may have been delayed due to exceptional emergency circumstance such as Covid19


10)   Funding for any project the financing of which is the legal responsibility of the Local Authority or any third party (save, in respect of any third party other than the Local Authority, with the prior written agreement of both parties to this agreement, which agreement will not be unreasonably withheld by the Company in the case of a project that does not, in the Company’s reasonable opinion, contravene the afore-mentioned clauses


11)   Any project deemed to be the responsibility of a statutory body (Local and National Government/s or Health Board/s) will not be awarded funding.


Conditions of Awards

  • Applicant groups must be both properly constituted and have a current bank account.
  • Work must not have commenced on any project until after a decision has been made to accept the by the committee and a formal offer has been given.
  • All projects must be able to be completed without any future support from the Energy Fund.
  • The Committee reserve the right to visit all projects at any time.
  • On completion of a project a report and other anecdotal evidence must be submitted to the grants committee as described on the Grants and Acceptance Form signed by an officer of the grant funded organisation.

How to apply

1)     Applications forms can be accessed from the following web link SWFF Application or requested by email from the Community Council Secretary

2)     All supporting documents as identified in the Grant Application form must be submitted with along with the application otherwise the application will not be considered by the committee, the information required is as follows

a)     Group constitution and

b)     The 3 most recent bank statements. If submitting original bank statement, then the applicant should provide a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage to ensure their return.

c)     2 Quotes for equipment/goods to be purchased, or

d)     2 Quotes for work to be done


General Information

  • All applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
  • The deciding committee may request applicants attend a meeting to supply additional information in support of their application.  This will allow the committee to come to a decision on the project.
  • The committee in granting an award does not accept any liability in connection with the application and any future costs associated or incurred by it.

Any legal fees incurred by the Grantor as a result of a grant being awarded is wholly the responsibility of applicant (Grantee) and must be met by them, this includes any costs involved recovery of awarded funds when agreements are not adhered to